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Just what we need

This app gets rid of all of the confussion, and trying to fumble through multiple calanders to find out who I owe and who owes me. Also when taking out of borrow details using the Firehouse locater is great, get directions and even call the house from within the app. Deffinetly worth $9.99


Its not fireman proof. Make it easier to understand how to read mutals owed and worked. But there is potential

Worth every penny!!

Every FDNY member with an iphone should own this app! It doesnt get any easier than this in managing your schedule. You always have your phone with you and now you have your chart with you as well.

Homerun (once you figure it out)!!

It took a long time of just palying with it to figure out how it works (entering mx partner tours vs. other mxs, 2 mxs in 1 day...) but once I figured it out and customized the calendar to look exactly how I want, no doubt this app is a homerun!! VERY easy to use!! Def worth $10 but it does takes some patience in the beginning.


Great. Worth it. No more ripped up calendars to carry around. Nice job brother. 

A+ Bro. Money well spent.

Great app, I was hesitant at first spending the money but I havent looked back. I used to go through a couple calendars a year and many erasers lol. I had my calendar on every where i went and literally every trip I took. It was such a hassle but you never know when your gonna bank a tour or a last minute MX. I havent picked up that calendar since. and I recommend it to all of us with iPhones. PS: I stumbled upon the app by mistake while being a lil Buffy. Seems like word of mouth is how were finding out about this one. And its just one house at a time. You might want to think about marketing this thru the bag or with a flyer to them all. Stay safe all...

Great job

I never wrote a review before, but this app deserves it. Great job. A bunch of the guys at my house have this app and we all love it. I use it all of the time to track OT, late runs, Mx, and just about everything else. The new update is great. Putting the box #s is just what the chauffeur ordered. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Great deal

Finally!!!! A must have for every Fdny member. Would love to see a mutual exchange with text messages rather then e-mail.

A very nice app

This is an excellent app. It consolidates all of your busy lifestyle activities in one place. My only improvement would be to intergrate an alarm to the scheduler so that I dont have to continually look at it to make sure Im not missing something

If you own an iphone, and are on the J-O-B get this app, cheapskate!

It takes a while to learn everything thats available to you on this app, but once you do, theres no going back to your paper calendar. If you have any problems or questions, write to the app creators, and they get right back to you with the answer. It is a really well thought out app, and I highly recommend it to any FDNY member! If youre detailed out of house, go to your firehouse locator, awesome!

Best app

This app is great and is a must have for any FDNY fireman. Keep up the great work.

Great app

Excellent app! If you are a city fireman and hv an iPhone, this is a must have app. Does everything. V/L, RSOT, firehouses, call boxes, mutuals......awesome app for FDNY. Keep the updates coming. Just gets better & better

Add PCOT to OT

Jeff I saw the first email that was spell check the second was not. What I meant was LTs and CAPTs call our overtime Post Coverage OverTime or PCOT for short. FFs OT is MMOT. Maybe add PCOT to OT button and where it was worked like P2P. Great app.

Never need a paper calender again

Great app. Awesome for keeping track of and checking ot, mutuals, and square rooting. Haha

Great app

Maybe add the vacation letter chart so the vacation is put in automatically. I saw that chart in bosses office and vacations are done for the next few years.

Not for ems!

Great app but I work the ems side so it doesnt work for me. My fire suppression buddies seem to think its pretty useful though. Btw fort totten is spelled wrong in the phone number listing.


A must have app. Its sick

A little help

Good for locations and directions could be a bit easier to enter OT and mxs. Great for the chart and incorporating your calendar events.


Awesome app, thanks for responding to the updates theyre awesome great app, my fav

Great app worth the money!

The "paycheck" section is a bit confusing to look at. Also, I think keeping track of owed mutuals could be done better. But overall its my most valuable app. I havent had a paper calendar in 2 years.

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